Upcoming Volunteer Opportunites

(In chronological order)
These are opportunities that are time specific.



#AustinOutProud is a community engagement series for supporters of Out Youth.  #AustinOutProud will host free, quarterly events for advocates, donors, supporters, volunteers, and their friends.

Volunteers are needed at:

  • Registration:

    • Check in attendees

    • Direct attendees to the information desk if they would like to donate to or volunteer with Out Youth

    • Inform attendees about the event

Volunteers needed

When: Monday, January 27, 2020
            4:30 pm - 7 pm

Contact: briona.jenkins@outyouth.org

Community Engagement

As a community engagement volunteer you will attend events and tell people about the work that we are doing at Out Youth. Volunteers would be responsible for:

  • Being a representative of Out Youth 

  • Picking up and returning the tabling kit

  • Tabling at events that staff are not able to attend and answering questions to the best of your ability about Out Youth and what we do

Available volunteer times:

Contact: briona.jenkins@outyouth.org

Glitz Gala

Out Youth’s annual Glitz Gala is a night to come together to celebrate all of the great work that Out Youth has done as well as to fundraise for the upcoming year.

When: Saturday, November 16

12 pm - 4 pm

  • Set up (unlimited spots)

Help set up and decorate for Glitz including: Set up the registration area, Set up the silent auction, Set up DJ equipment, Set up the photo booth, Hang up signage.

6 pm - 10 pm

  • Silent Auction (5)

Help with silent auction including: Monitor item lists, Answer patron questions, Break down the auction when the evening is over

  • Paddles Up (10)

Help with paddles up including: Monitor patrons who bid on items during Paddles Up portion of the evening

  • Photo Booth (1)

Oversee photo booth/ step and repeat by maintaining a flow of patrons who want to get their photo taken in the booth by assisting with set up and directing patrons to move along once photo is done.

  • Floaters (2)

Additional Volunteers who will be trained on a multitude of volunteer spots for this evening.

9 pm - 11 pm

  • Dessert Table (2)

Help attendees with their cold brew, donuts, and other desserts. Help set up the dessert table and make sure that it goes out at the correct time.

11 pm - 12 am

  • Clean up (unlimited spots)

Help clean up including: Break down the registration area, Break down the silent auction, Break down DJ equipment, Break down the photo booth, Take down signageVolunteers are asked to wear “show blacks” attire, which is all black, neat, but casual clothing such as a collared (dress or polo) shirt, slacks, dress, or skirt and dress shoes, flats, or comfortable heels.

contact: briona.jenkins@outyouth.org

Texas GSA Network Registration Drive Volunteer

Volunteers are needed to call middle school and high school social workers and guidance counselors across Texas in order to:

  • Educate GSA faculty advisors, and social workers and guidance counselors at schools without a GSA, on how the Texas GSA Network can be of service to them

  • Gather and report on the contact information for faculty advisors and student leaders of GSAs across the state as well as information about how each GSA functions

  • Learn about their schools’ student-led GSA clubs (Gay-Straight Alliances or Gender & Sexualities Alliances)

  • Register GSAs with the Texas GSA Network, all while respecting and ensuring student, faculty and school privacy

For a full volunteer description please visit outyouth.org/texas-gsa-volunteer

contact: heather.frederick@outyouth.org

If you haven’t found a volunteer opportunity that fits what you are looking for or if you have an idea of another way you want to get involved, please email our Development Coordinator, Bri Jenkins, at briona.jenkins@outyouth.org.