Out Youth Therapist Network


Out Youth has established a network of therapists who agree to reserve one therapy spot for a low-cost LGBTQ youth or young adult client. The Network is similar to a “pro bono” model, in which a number of therapists hold a single spot for a youth or young adult who would not otherwise be able to access LGBTQ-affirming counseling.

Why there is a need for the Network:

  • Despite a growing clinical staff at Out Youth, demand for affordable LGBTQ-affirming counseling for people with barriers to accessing care is outpacing supply. We are frequently running on a waitlist.

  • Youth present to Out Youth requesting counseling who would benefit from specialized counseling, especially trauma-focused counseling such as EMDR and DBT.

  • Clinicians have voiced a desire to support Out Youth’s work, and the Network provides a way for clinicians to offer tangible support and cooperate with Out Youth.

How the Network works:

  • Clients continue to present to Out Youth and go through our screening process to assess appropriate level of care.

  • If waitlist would prevent timely placement with counselor, or if the client would benefit from more specialized treatment than Out Youth is able to provide, client is matched with clinician in the Therapist Network.

  • Out Youth would connect clinician and client and pass along relevant information from screening to clinician.

  • Clinician meets with client at their existing location, and under their Professional Liability Insurance. Client pays $10/session (Out Youth’s existing standard fee).

  • Additionally, therapists in the Network will be listed in Out Youth materials, and may share publicly that they are in the Network. We also host trainings and periodic mixers to foster a community of LGBTQ-affirming therapists.

Applying to join the Network:

  • To start, fill out the online application available here, which should take approximately 5-10 minutes.

  • Summer Hough, Out Youth Staff Therapist, will be in contact to complete screening/ask any additional questions, and invite eligible therapists to formally join the network.

If you have any questions about the Out Youth Therapist Network, please contact Summer Hough, Staff Therapist at summer.hough@outyouth.org  

Current Therapist Network members:

Amanda Dishner, LMFT

April Owen, LCP

Brian Kennedy, LPC

Erin K. Ebert, LCSW

Jenna Burns, LPC Intern

Jo Eckler, LCP

Julie Burke, LPC

Karen Collett, LPC

Karen Finley Breeding, LPC-S

Kimberly Vered Shashoua, LCSW

Monrovia Van Hoose, LCSW

Neathery Thurmond, LCSW

Noah Garcia, LPC, NCC

Ryan Dillon, LPC

Schawn Austin, LPC Intern

Summer Hough, LPC Intern

Vicki J. Bates, LPC