Out Youth provides many programs and services that promote the educational, mental, emotional, physical and social development of LGBTQ+ (lesbian/gay/bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning) youth and their allies.

Among the programs and services offered are:

All of our programs, services, and partnerships aim to provide LGBTQ+ youth and their allies with opportunities to develop positive self-esteem, identify and cultivate peer support networks, and prepare for a successful adulthood.

Our programs and services also have the unique distinction of being youth-directed. The youth have a significant influence over the topics we cover in our educational programming, and they guide the discussion topics in our facilitated discussion circles. 

Out Youth also extends our educational and developmental program and service offerings through the annual Out Youth Prom and multiple partnerships with other organizations (Planned Parenthood, Austin Bat Cave, Creative Action just to name a few!) in Austin.

Our youth also participate in AIDS Walk Austin, the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, the Austin Pride Parade and QueerBomb.