#AustinOutProud is a community engagement series for supporters of Out Youth.  #AustinOutProud will host free, quarterly events for advocates, donors, supporters, volunteers, and their friends.

Volunteers are needed to:

  • Check in attendees

  • Direct attendees to the information desk if they would like to donate to or volunteer with Out Youth

  • Inform attendees about the event

Contact: briona.jenkins@outyouth.org

When: Monday, April 22
Monday, July 22
Monday, October 21

Drop-In Programming

Out Youth provides one hour of programming to our youth during Drop-In on Sundays and Wednesdays from 6pm-7:30pm. One of the goals of programming is to share fun skills, activities, hobbies, thoughts, etc., with our youth.

Our Drop-In Programming will give individuals and groups the chance to showcase entertaining and educational programming to the youth.

Volunteers are needed to:

  • Share their skills, activities, hobbies, thoughts, etc. with youth

Please fill out a Programming Session Proposal

Contact: adrian.osella@outyouth.org

Family Dinner (Donate)

Family Dinner is an opportunity for groups to build strong community while providing a nutritious, catered style, or prepackaged meal for about 30 youth on Sundays.

All meals must be cooked prior to arriving at the house and we ask the meals come in packaged individually. Leftovers are always welcomed, as some of our youth are food insecure, and prepackaged meals helps to make sure that they have a meal to take home with them as well.

Donors are needed to:

  • Arrive at 4 pm

  • Provide a meal for 30+ youth

  • Meal must include a main dish, sides, drinks, etc. and a gluten-free and vegetarian option

  • Provide all items needed to prepare and serve including; plates, cups, utensils, etc.

When: Sundays

           Serve:   4 - 4:30 pm

Contact: briona.jenkins@outyouth.org

Speaker Series

Out Youth provides one hour of programming to our youth during Drop-In. One of the goals of programming is to share stories of what it means to be a happy and healthy LGBTQ+ adult.

Our speaker series will showcase local adults who will share their stories of struggle and success. 

Volunteers are needed to:

  • Share their stories of struggle and success

Contact: adrian.osella@outyouth.org

Young Adult Field Trip

Out Youth provides drop-in programming for young adults, ages 18-23,  every Tuesday evening. One of the goals of programming is to connect these young adults with companies and business that are inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community as the begin to look for employment.

Our Young Adult Field Trip will showcase local businesses and companies.

Volunteers are needed to:

  • Host up to 15 young adults

  • Showcase the business or company's inclusive nature

  • Provide an activity for the young adults to do

Contact: adrian.osella@outyouth.org