KYSS (Knowing Your Status is Smart), Out Youth’s free HIV testing, education, and outreach program, seeks to reduce the spread of HIV by increasing the number of young people who know their HIV status, how to reduce their risk of contracting and/or infecting others with HIV, and how to prevent the spread of other sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs/STIs).

Free, rapid-result HIV testing is provided in partnership with the City of Austin once a month, typically on Tuesdays, and no appointment is necessary. Parental permission and notification is not required, so confidentiality and anonymity are assured!

While the test is processing, you can choose to receive safer sex counseling, referrals to other services like STD/STI testing or social programs, and free safer sex supplies.

If the results of the HIV test are positive, the City of Austin will provide you with support and counseling immediately! A confirmatory test will be performed and referrals for medical care, counseling, and other services will be made as needed.


  • Free confidential or anonymous HIV testing for people age 13 and older

  • Testing is available at least one day per month

  • No appointment necessary – just drop by during testing hours

  • No parental permission or notification required

  • Risk reduction counseling and referrals to STD/STI testing provided

  • Finger prick test, with a small amount of blood

  • Results in 10 minutes

  • If you test positive for HIV, we provide counseling and referrals to resources

If you need to get tested, please visit Out Youth or call us at 512.419.1233 for more information.